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You will be creating a PowerPoint Slide deck (no narration required) consisting of five slides – a title slide and an informational slide for each of the following industry segments – Foodservice/Restaurant, Lodging/Hotel, Travel/Tourism, and Event Planning.
The title slide should include at minimum your name, the title of the assignment, and the due date.
For each of the industry segment slides, the content required is as follows:
Include the industry segment as a title on the slide
Identify an industry association that advocates for that particular industry – list the name of the industry association
Find the “advocacy”, “issues”, or “data” page for that particular association – it may or may not be called by one of those names. Post a link to that page.
Identify and briefly summarize ONE issue or statistical information the association is highlighting on that page. Explain why that issue is important to the industry and why it could impact society beyond just that industry. 3 to 5 sentences is enough.
The goal is to ensure you are familiar with industry associations, how they advocate for and provide important industry statistics for their membership. Be sure the link you are providing leads to the issue you are highlighting.



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