We can work on In a coherently organized, well-documented essay, evaluate the ideological and nationalistic foundations of the Cold War.


Your response to the final examination question should be uploaded to the assignment folder no later than the conclusion of the eighth week of the semester.  The grading rubric and citation footnotes according to the University of Chicago standards are described in detail in the syllabus. 
    The Cold War was the primary feature of international affairs between the conclusion of the Second World War and the collapse of the former Soviet Union.  In a coherently organized, well-documented essay, evaluate the ideological and nationalistic foundations of the Cold War.  What were the historical milestones, controversies and accomplishments that took place within this time frame?  How and why did the Cold War finally conclude?  Concentration on bi-polar competition resulted in many important issues throughout the globe not being given sufficient consideration.  Provide specific examples and explain this situation.  What impact have these developments had upon the United States and its role as a major international power?                                              Here is an opportunity to pull together diverse themes involved in the evolution, milestones, controversies and legacy of the cold war.  We need to maintain awareness of other major problems the world faced at the same time such as nationalism, particularly in the Middle East, struggles over resources and how colonial regimes were able to develop while often displaying disinterest in the cold war rivalry.  Also take notice of constitutional issues between the executive and legislative branches in terms of oversight responsibilities regarding foreign and defense issues.  You may if needed exceed the page limit although I do not recommend that since this is not a thesis but an exam designed to be completed in theory during a two and a half hour period.  Cite sources consulted but unless you are quoting directly at length, a footnote is not necessary.  Most importantly, if unexpected circumstances intervene, communicate with me prior to the deadline and include reference to how long an extension you will need.

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