We can work on Improving the health of young adults through preventive screening

Despite increased abilities across developmental realms, including the maturation of pain systems involving self-regulation and the coordination of affect and cognition, the transition to young adulthood is accompanied by higher rates of mortality, greater engagement in health-damaging behaviors, and an increase in chronic conditions. Rates of motor vehicle fatality and homicide peak during young adulthood, as do mental health problems, substance abuse, unintentional pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections.

Describe how the advanced practice nurse can play a role in improving the health of young adults through preventive screening and intervention.

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Advanced practice nurses (APNs) are registered nurses with advanced education and training. They can play a vital role in improving the health of young adults through preventive screening and intervention.

Here are some of the ways that APNs can help:

  • Provide preventive screenings: APNs can provide young adults with preventive screenings for a variety of health conditions, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), mental health problems, and substance abuse.
  • Educate young adults about healthy behaviors: APNs can educate young adults about the importance of healthy behaviors, such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking and excessive drinking.
  • Provide counseling and support: APNs can provide counseling and support to young adults who are struggling with health problems or who are at risk for health problems.

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  • Connect young adults with resources: APNs can connect young adults with resources, such as community health centers, support groups, and mental health services.

APNs can also play a role in advocating for young adults’ health. They can work to improve access to preventive care, educate policymakers about the health needs of young adults, and promote policies that support healthy behaviors.

Here are some specific examples of how APNs can improve the health of young adults through preventive screening and intervention:

  • An APN can provide a young adult with a pap smear and pelvic exam to screen for cervical cancer.
  • An APN can screen a young adult for depression and anxiety.
  • An APN can provide a young adult with counseling and support to help them quit smoking.
  • An APN can connect a young adult with a community health center that offers free or low-cost STI testing and treatment.
  • An APN can advocate for a young adult who is struggling to access mental health care.

By providing preventive screening and intervention, APNs can help young adults stay healthy and reach their full potentia

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