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Imagine that you are a nurse lobbyist at the legislature in your state, with a specific focus on child and teen health. The children in this state encompass a broad range of social determinants of health. You are asked to recommend state-wide health policies to improve the health of this population, along with corresponding engagement strategies to reach nurses in the state.
What would be the first pediatric policy that you would recommend? Please provide a rationale for your selection
How can you effectively reach nurses to encourage their action to promote the policy?
What are one or more reasons why many nurses do not engage in lobbying efforts?

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Sample Answer

As a nurse lobbyist, I would recommend the following state-wide health policies to improve the health of children and teens:

  1. Universal health insurance: This would ensure that all children have access to preventive care and treatment, regardless of their family’s income.
  2. Increased funding for early childhood education: This would help to close the achievement gap and improve the health and well-being of children from low-income families.
  3. Improved access to healthy food: This would include expanding school breakfast and lunch programs, providing healthy food options in vending machines and cafeterias, and making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable.
  4. Safer communities: This would include reducing gun violence, improving air quality, and making streets and sidewalks safer for walking and biking.
  5. Increased access to mental health care: This would help to address the rising rates of mental health problems among children and teens.


Full Answer Section

I would reach nurses to encourage their action to promote these policies by:

  • Meeting with nurse leaders and organizations: This would allow me to get their input on the policies and to develop strategies for their implementation.
  • Writing articles and op-eds for nursing publications: This would help to educate nurses about the importance of these policies and how they can get involved.
  • Attending nursing conferences: This would give me the opportunity to speak to nurses directly about the policies and to answer their questions.
  • Using social media: This would allow me to reach a wider audience of nurses and to share information about the policies.

Some reasons why many nurses do not engage in lobbying efforts include:

  • Lack of time: Nurses are busy and may not have the time to get involved in lobbying.
  • Lack of knowledge: Nurses may not be familiar with the lobbying process or how to get involved.
  • Fear of retaliation: Nurses may be afraid that they will be retaliated against by their employer if they get involved in lobbying.
  • Disillusionment: Nurses may be disillusioned with the political process and feel that their efforts will not make a difference.

Despite these challenges, it is important for nurses to engage in lobbying efforts to improve the health of children and teens. Nurses are uniquely positioned to advocate for the health of their patients, and their voices are essential in the fight for better health policies.

Here are some additional strategies that nurses can use to engage in lobbying efforts:

  • Join a nursing organization that advocates for children’s health: There are many nursing organizations that advocate for children’s health. Joining one of these organizations is a great way to get involved in lobbying efforts.
  • Attend a lobbying training: There are many trainings available to nurses on how to lobby. Attending a training can help nurses learn the basics of lobbying and how to be effective advocates.
  • Contact your legislators: Nurses can contact their legislators to let them know about the importance of children’s health and to urge them to support policies that improve the health of children and teens.
  • Donate to organizations that advocate for children’s health: Nurses can donate to organizations that advocate for children’s health. This is a great way to support the work of these organizations and to help them achieve their goals.

By engaging in lobbying efforts, nurses can make a difference in the lives of children and teens. Nurses can help to ensure that all children have access to the care they need to be healthy and thrive.

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