We can work on Important facts surrounding the culture of the company

1) Identify the most important facts surrounding the culture of the company (provide clear evidence that supports your points)
2) Analyze if the current culture is suitable to the company’s Purpose and market situation (provide clear evidence that supports your points based on the article, the theories seen in class and the actual evidence of the company)
3) Specify 2 strategies based on OB concepts and theories and actual data and information related with the company so that the company can either:
Sustain its current suitable culture
Adapt to the culture that you identify more adequate
4) Evaluate each strategy pros and cons.
5) Rank strategies based on their pros and cons.
6) Recommend the best course of action.
7) Bibliography
Choose a company that you would like to investigate its culture. Read the below article named ‘Why Corporate Culture is so important in 2021’ and answer the below questions in a report format. The report,

besides having the cover and table of contents, has to have a brief introduction section, one section per each of the below 6 questions, and the references at the end.

Article link: https://moovone.eu/en/corporate-culture/why-corporate-culture-is-so-important-in-2021/

Sample Solution

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