Importance of psychological research

Importance of psychological research Assignment Details:

Psychological Research
A. Explain why the scientific method is important in psychology, supporting your explanation with scholarly sources. How does the scientific method fit
into the context of psychology research? For example, consider how the scientific method facilitates valid and reliable research.
B. Pose a psychological research question to address an area from the research you explored in your subfield investigation. Substantiate the
appropriateness of your research question with evidence.
C. Outline how psychologists might use the scientific method to investigate your research question, providing specific, concrete examples and supporting
with scholarly sources.
D. After conducting your research, summarize what the sources reveal about your research question. What did you learn from your research?
E. What criteria did you use to determine your sources’ credibility? Justify your explanation with specific examples and scholarly sources.
F. What criteria did you use to determine your sources’ applicability to the research question? Justify your explanation with specific examples and
scholarly sources.

Importance of psychological research

Sample Solution


As a society, we put too m Importance of psychological research uch emphasis on what we see in advertisements. Advertising agencies target our emotional state because advertising is a huge money maker. By focusing on our senses, it drives us to buy products in order to have a sense of perfection, and for those who are not confident, they are fall victim to print advertisements. The purpose of this paper is to take a closer look at how print advertisements can not only change a woman’s perception of body image, but to influence th Importance of psychological research eir lives. If we buy products, will they make us more confident? Will we look as good as the models in the print advert Importance of psychological research isements? Do we, as women, have body image issues that we need to work on? These are questions that should be answered in order to rationalize how think when it comes to body image. There are negative effects on women in advertising. Examples would be ageism, sexual exploitation, and body appearance. Many young females look at print ads and want to look like what they see in magazines and Importance of psychological research  online. For many young females who have distorted body image issues, they take on unhealthy forms of controlling their weight. For consumers who view these print advertisements, it can be detrimental to their health. All consumers see are exc Importance of psychological research essively skinny models and the downside of seeing it can be diseases such as anorexia or bulimia. Models are known in society to be underweight. When we see these models i Importance of psychological research n advertisements, we don’t th Importance of psychological research ink, “Wow, she needs to eat more.” Women view these pictures as wanting to be like them. Ageism is another aspect of negativism in advertising. Consumers want to feel and look young. Beauty is perceived as being young and wrinkle-free. Models in many advertisements are in the late teens and early twenties and give a false perception of how we should look at different stages of life. Consumers are finding new ways of making themselves look younger. Botox, cosmetic surgery, and other forms of body enhancements are on the rise for many consumers. Financing is making it more affordable to have procedures done in order to make someone look younger. The problem with all the cosmetic  Importance of psychological research surgery is that once people start seeing these doctors, they continue to do it because of body distortion. All ages of women want to improve their appearance. They want to feel beautiful and if that means altering their appearance  Importance of psychological research medically, most women would do it.>

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