We can work on Identity and Social Change Agency

In this module, you are exploring the concept of identity in relation to social change agency. The development of your identity is an ongoing process that spans your entire lifetime. Personality traits and lived experiences collectively, yet differentially, contribute to the lens through which you define your identity.

For your initial post, you will define and reflect on the relationship between identity and social change agency. Your post should address the following:

· In your own words, define identity and describe its relevance to social change agency.

· In what ways have personal and social factors influenced the development of your identity?

· Describe which aspects of your identity would be most beneficial in managing change and why.

· Reflect on your BA Psychology program experience and describe one way that you would apply your knowledge of psychology to manage the effects of social change.

· Describe how identity and social change agency connect to one of the following programmatic themes:

· Self-care, Social justice, Emotional intelligence (EI), Career connections, Ethics

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