We can work on Ideal Society: Impacts of Culture and Socialization

Key Components:

What is culture? How do values, norms, and beliefs apply?
What is socialization?


How does Cooley’s three-part theory of the looking-glass self connect to the development of culture or socialization?
How does Mead’s theory of the formation of self connect to the development of culture or socialization?
There are three basic theories within sociology: functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism. How can these connect to the development of culture or socialization?


How do people learn about their culture?
How do ethnocentrism and cultural relativism impact how people view cultures? How might these impact the development of an ideal society?
How do people develop their sense of self? How do genetic components and social interactions impact development of people?
How does culture affect human interaction? How do people change culture?
What types of subcultures and countercultures appear within an ideal society? How can these relate to the dominant culture The content should include information addressing the main questions, and a well-argued introduction and conclusion.


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