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How historically accurate is “I, Claudius”?

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anything for that matter, is conducted. While under French colonisation, the French set up the native class structure in a way that benefited them, but disadvantaged the native people (Kamara 110). A middle class in the French colonies, which is essential to many successful economies today, was almost non-existent. There was an enormous gap between the small group of elites (white colonists) who controlled all resources and working class which comprised of illiterate natives (Kamara 110). It is hard to believe that the French were innocent in forging this reality; as a colonising power, they never made any attempt change this norm, and in fact supported its maintenance for its own benefit. We can confirm France’s willingness to sacrifice the interests of the native population for its own personal welfare when we look at its economic policies. For example, French colonies were often forced to trade with France alone (Agbor 5). This shielded the colony from exposure to an international market and created a lack of experience in the world economy, which way explain why economies like that of Algeria and Morocco are weak today. Under French colonisation, the indigenous population was intentionally kept weak and uneducated which fostered its economic downfall even after achieving independence. Another major effect on the colonies of the French is in regards to national and ethnic identity. We have already mentioned how the French language has slowly penetrated itself into the local Arabic language. However, we have not spoken about how the French attempted to “civilize” North African arabs through Christianity, much like other European colonial powers tried to do with other parts of Africa (Bensaid 4). Surely, this alienation had noteworthy effects on the identity of Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians. This attempt to convert North Africans to Christianity represents the slow decline of local culture in general while under colonisation. Identity is an integral part of how coherently a nation is able to sustain itself, both economically and politically. French colonisation has had an overall negative effect on its colonies’ economic devel>

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