We can work on Humanists and what affect you believe it may have had on history.

At the same general historical space as Columbus was doing his sailing Martin Luther’s Reformation took hold. After this the Catholic Reformation saw the Church trying to gain her members back. On the heels of this and moving toward the French Enlightenment, humanism reared its head. Here, thinkers were not so much atheists(though some were) but more interpreting in a different way the words of, say Paul, in the New Testament. Here, thinkers believed that, if god was in them, as per Jesus, then they were not miserable wretches incapable of agency but very powerful visages of god, himself. An example of this is the painter and engraver Albrecht Dürer, who, in this painting, clearly explains in an image what he felt of creators and creativity. Later, the founding fathers of America adopted a humanist perspective, with many actually despising Christianity. Discuss your views of. humanists and what affect you believe it may have had on history.

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