We can work on Human Culture and Expression Over Time

Following the ​review of one set of the videos in the previous task, respond to the following questions in 1–2 sentences.
How do you think the new and old versions represent different aspects of their societies/times? What are the similarities and differences?
How does each version reflect the culture and time period in which they exist?

Sample Solution

blink into the future, and all crime is foreseen. The “precogs” in the Precrime division use their predictive capability to arrest suspects previous to any harm. despite the fact that, Philip ok. Dick’s novel, “Minority record,” may also seem a ways fetched, similar structures exist. one in all which is Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s Policon, a computer model that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to predict occasions and behaviors primarily based on questions asked throughout a panel of experts. whilst one thinks of artificial intelligence, their mind without delay jumps to the notion of robots. modern-day misconceptions are that those systems pose an existential chance and are capable of global domination. The concept of robots taking up the world stems from science-fiction writers and has created a blanket of uncertainty surrounding the modern-day condition of artificial intelligence, otherwise coined because the term “AI.” it’s far a part of human nature to resolve problems, particularly the trouble of how to create aware, yet secure artificial intelligence systems. even though experts warn that the development of synthetic intelligence systems attaining the complexity of human cognition could pose international risks and present extraordinary ethical demanding situations, the programs of synthetic intelligence are diverse and the possibilities significant, making the search for superintelligence well worth project. The concept of artificial intelligence structures taking on the arena must be left to science-fiction writers, at the same time as efforts should be concentrated on their development through AI weaponization, ethics, and integration in the economic system and job market. due to the ancient connection between artificial intelligence and protection, an AI arms race is already under manner. instead of banning autonomy inside the army, artificial intelligence researchers must domesticate a security culture to assist manage trends in this area. The earliest weapon without human input—acoustic homing torpedoes—seemed in world warfare 2 prepared with colossal power, as it is able to purpose itself by using listening for characteristic sounds of its goal or even tracking it using sonar detection. the conclusion of the capability such machines are capable of galvanized the AI movement. countries are beginning to heavily fund artificial intelligence projects with the goal of creating machines that may similarly army efforts. In 2017, the Pentagon requested to allott $12 to 15 million dollars solely to fund AI weapon era (investment of AI research). moreover, in line with Yonhap news organisation, a South Korean media outlet, the South Korean authorities also introduced their plan to spend 1 trillion dollars via 2020 if you want to improve the synthetic intelligence enterprise. The urge to spend money on artificial intelligence weaponization presentations the value worldwide superpowers place on generation. nevertheless, as gun manage and violence will become a pressing problem in the usa, the talk surrounding autonomous guns is high. consequently, the issue in what constitutes an “autonomous weapon” will hinder an agreement to prohibit these guns. due to the fact that a ban is unlikely to arise, proper regulatory measures need to be put in location via evaluating each weapon based on its systematic outcomes in preference to the reality that it fits into the huge category of self sufficient guns. for instance, if a specific weapon more advantageous …>

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