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Pretend that you have a friend who is interested in taking HUM 1020 online. Compose an email where you explain your experience with the course and what you learned throughout the semester. What connections did you make that seemed interesting? What readings really made good points that you found helpful. What did you struggle with? What might you tell your friend to be sure and spend extra time on? Why?

Sample Solution

Elizabeth Eckford Elizabeth Eckford was related with the Little Rock 9. The Little Rock 9 were 9 dark children who were the first to go to Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1954, Brown v. Leading body of Education was administered to where isolation in schools is regarded illegal. Well these 9 children went to go to Little Rock Central Highschool and obviously the every single white child and network had an issue with it. This started a fire that we as a whole despite everything feel the warmth off of. So normally Elizabeth Eckford needed to push against the isolation hindrance and she made light of a major job in thumping it. Inevitably the schools shut down for a year which was known as the “Lost Year” however that wasn’t keeping Eckford down as she proceeded to take night classes and got enough classes to get her recognition and demonstrated the predigest territory of America wrong at that point. She was just 15 at the time she began battling for the integration exertion and regardless of her age, she did to such an extent or more than the individuals who were developed grown-ups and showed dauntlessness and nobility that this nation won’t see once more. Faubus and other segregationist wound up bringing in 250 national patrol to keep any dark children from strolling through the entryways of Little Rock Central High School. They recounted accounts of how the whites and blacks were shaping groups and were going to have a hard and fast fight between the two on the off chance that they incorporated. This was simply to influence an adjudicator in support of him; since who needs kids ganging up preparing to slaughter each other over a shading. Daisy Bates, President of the NAACP, was in her home sitting in front of the TV and couldn’t accept what was happening in Little Rock, Arkansas. In spite of the notice that the educational committee gave out prompting any dark understudies to not attempt a go to Little Rock Central , or any white school so far as that is concerned was kicked to the check as Ronald Davies; a Federal Judge; requested that regardless; paradise or damnation; that the integration procedure proceed. Joining in Little Rock, Arkansas could never again be halted and now they were on the drawback of a mountain that was certain enough difficult to move for any dark individual at that point. President Eisenhower, who was reluctant most definitely, said to the news that “I can’t envision any situation that could ever prompt me to send Federal soldiers into a Federal Court and into any zone to authorize the sets of a Federal Court, since I accept that the presence of mind of America will never require it.” But after a short time on September 24, 1957, Eisenhower requested that 1,000 troopers from the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne Division go to Little Rock, Arkansas and fix the current issue. Following that, Eisenhower had each of the 10,000 individuals from the National Guard at Arkansas, put leveled out of the unparalleled government. The evening of this, Eisenhower needed to go on national television and account for himself to the entirety of America. Elizabeth Eckford once stated, “In the event that we have really recognized our excruciating, however shared past, at that point we can have compromise.” The consequences of what they all battled for are indicated today. We have equivalent compensation for blacks and whites. We have coordinated schools. What’s more, we have interracial connections, to oblige that there are a lot of interracial companionships>

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