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Drawing from the readings and lectures from this week, I’d like for you to apply the knowledge about qualitative interviewing techniques to critique a sample interview. For this discussion post, you will need to watch the posted sample interview (See Week 12 – Discussion Board #7 Sample Interview) and write a response that includes the following:

1. Using the sample video posted, identify at least 5 errors the interviewer made. When you discuss these errors, provide specific examples and details from the video that highlight the mistake. You should also explain WHY this was an error – what are the consequences of such a mistake?

2. For each error, provide a recommendation for how the interviewee can correct their mistakes for future interviews. Be sure to draw from the tips and techniques covered in this week’s readings and lecture. ps: I need to send a large file 1658MiB “I don’t know how to send it please help me send it it is a sample interview

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