We can work on How Thomas Jefferson purchase Louisiana

How and why did Thomas Jefferson purchase Louisiana? How and why did that purchase create instability in both the east and the west?

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Hydrogen for consumer transportation is sold in various forms depending on the required energy demands and range of a single tank; there is 2 common and 1 less common forms of hydrogen that are used for transportation. The first is compressed hydrogen gas which is dispensed at either 5000 PSI or 10000 PSI. This is a common form for cars and buses. The other common form is cryogenic, super-cooled liquid hydrogen. The third form of hydrogen is a liquidised slurry that is a hydrogen rich compound. Often it is lithium hydride or magnesium hydride that is used and is a promising form given that it can be stored at normal living temperatures and treated in a similar fashion as any other liquid given its higher stability. An application of this would see the slurry delivered to the gas station where it would be separated into pure hydrogen, and the byproduct (Mg(OH)­2 (milk of magnesia) can then be returned to magnesium hydride for re-use. The advantage of a slurry over cryogenic hydrogen is that it has twice the energy density and is much cheaper to produce and transport. 11 Stationary Fuel cells: Stationary hydrogen fuel cells are static units that provide power and heat to a surrounding home or building. There are several types, of which include primary power units, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and combined heat and powers systems (CHP). The CHP systems provide up to 10 KWe and have an overall efficiency of up to 95%. These systems are very practical for use in the residential sector as well as apartment buildings, nursing homes and hospitals, and there have been greater than 10000 units launched in Japanese homes. The only limiting factor for the application in the residential setting is the cost; which in Japan and south Korea is offset by government subsidies. The fuel cell technology in these units relies on either PEM (proton exchange membrane) or SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) technology.12 A recent study (Herrmann et al. 2018), investigated the cost efficiency of a CHP based hydrogen fuel cell and observing its current application in Germany. This European country is well suited to a hydrogen economy due to the second largest hydrogen pipeline being based here, as well as this, Germany gets about 35% of its energy from renewables13, which makes the production of hydrogen using this energy a very environmentally friendly option. As shown in Fig 3., Hydrogen produced by steam reforming of natural gas has the cheapest overall cost when applied to a CHP residential power system. Hen>

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