We can work on How the Cold War impact the Middle East and Africa

Based on your reading of Chapter 11, please identify How did the Cold War impact the Middle East and Africa?
Final response should be submitted in essay form and be at least 4 paragraphs in length (total).
Make sure to use proper grammar, and double check your responses for any mistakes, misspellings, or typos.
Please make sure to use your own words (no copy/pasting from the internet). Assignments will be run through Turnitin.com.
If you wish to quote from the sources or use specific information/data please cite your source parenthetically at the end of the sentence.
For example, I am using “specific information/data.” (Text, pp. 331)

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examine the formation of the written word. 70,000 years ago ‘the cognitive revolution’ began. This was the time when people started crafting spears for hunting, domesticating dogs and drawing on cave walls. The Hands Cave of Argentina shows the emergence of a species not just creative or intelligent, but aware of their potential to document their lifestyle for future generations to see. However, the cave drawings among other pictograms are subjective in meaning, unlike a language which is certain. During the Cognitive Revolution people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle which, unlike an empire or civilisation, did not require any documentation, much like a tribal society. This changed when people decided to farm. The ‘agricultural revolution’ started once we decided to domesticate plants instead of moving from place to place in search of fertile grounds, we made permanent settlements. As the need to catalogue trade, farming materials and debt grew, so did the writing system. This brings us to the first evidence of a relationship between class and writing systems, found in the Fertile Crescent 9,000 years ago. Here clay tablets were used for administrative texts by the Sumerian’s, now referred to as Cuneiform Script. This suggests that the formation of the first writing system was based fundamentally on the beginning of a class system. With the farmers, land owners and workers having a clear place in the hierarchy of importance to their society. This also allowed people to work on a site and receive an amount of the harvest for their labour. The amount they received had to be agreed upon and remembered, this created a problem between land owner and worker. A writing system was the answer. Therefore we can see that even from this primitive writing system a hierarchy had emerged. For instance, if the owner of the land knew how to read and write and his worker didn’t, he had an opportunity to be dishonest to his worker and say they agreed on a lower price for labour, then they actually did. But what if the worker and owner both didn’t know how to read and write Cuneiform? Would there have been an external writer to meet with? This would add another level of hierarchy, potentially leading >

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