We can work on How t creative work impacts your relationship

In this discussion, you will reflect on your experience with a performing arts work and the different ways that creative work impacts your relationship, as well as society’s relationship, with the topic it portrays. The performing arts work you choose can be a work you’ve participated in such as a play, a vocal or musical performance, spoken word, stand-up comedy, a magic show, public speaking, professional wrestling, a flash mob or other dance performance, gymnastics, and so forth. You may also choose a performing arts work you’ve experienced in person, on television, or in a video.

Discussing challenges that face our world often means investigating opinions and ideas different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful toward your peers and instructor in your initial post as well as in your response discussion posts.

Create one initial post and respond to at least two of your classmates.

For your initial post, address the following:

Describe the performing arts work you chose.
Describe the topic(s) the work portrayed.
Describe your experience with this work.
Summarize examples within the work that caused you to feel empathy.
Explain why those examples prompted you to feel empathy.

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Sample Answer

I chose to reflect on the musical “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. “Hamilton” is a hip-hop musical that tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The musical portrays Hamilton’s life, from his humble beginnings in the Caribbean to his rise to power as the first Secretary of the Treasury.

“Hamilton” explores a variety of topics, including immigration, racism, and the American Revolution. The musical also examines the complex relationship between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, who ultimately killed Hamilton in a duel.

I first saw “Hamilton” in 2016, and I was immediately blown away by the show’s music, performances, and storytelling. I was particularly moved by the way the musical portrays the challenges that immigrants face in America.

Full Answer Section

One example of this is the song “My Shot.” In this song, Hamilton and his friends sing about their dreams for the future and their determination to overcome the obstacles in their way. The song is both empowering and inspiring, and it resonated with me deeply as an immigrant to the United States.

Another example is the song “Wait for It.” In this song, Burr sings about his willingness to wait for the right opportunity to achieve his goals. The song is both thoughtful and introspective, and it gives us a glimpse into Burr’s complex character.

Both of these songs helped me to feel empathy for Hamilton and Burr, even though they were very different people. I understood their struggles and their motivations, and I was able to connect with them on a human level.

I believe that “Hamilton” is a powerful example of how the performing arts can help us to understand and empathize with people who are different from us. The musical shows us that we all have shared experiences, and that we can all learn from each other.

Response to a classmate

I really enjoyed reading your post about the play “A Raisin in the Sun.” I think it’s important to have stories like this that tell the experiences of people of color, especially in the United States.

I was particularly struck by your discussion of the character of Beneatha Younger. You mentioned that she is a complex and well-developed character, and I agree. Beneatha is a strong and independent woman who is determined to achieve her goals. She is also passionate about social justice and equality.

I think it’s important to have characters like Beneatha in our stories because they can help us to challenge stereotypes and to see people of color in a more nuanced way. They can also help us to understand the challenges that people of color face in society.

I also appreciated your discussion of the play’s themes of racism and social injustice. These are important issues that we need to talk about, and I think it’s great that “A Raisin in the Sun” does such a good job of exploring them.

Overall, I think your post was very insightful and well-written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important play.

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