We can work on How gender roles play a part in relationships during young adulthood

  1. Which reason can you connect with the most for who has the most influence in their life? Why? (Minimum of 200 Words)
  2. In your opinion, how do gender roles play a part in relationships during young adulthood? (Minimum of 200 Words)
  3. How does the Internet affect relationships? (Minimum of 200 Words)
  4. How do the advances of technology impact the way middle-aged adults balance relationships with children, work, and friendships? (Minimum of 200 Words)
  5. What are your initial thoughts toward retirement? (Minimum of 200 Words)
  6. What do you think retirement is like for someone who isn’t highly educated and does not have other interests? (Minimum of 200 Words)

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Economic freedom leads to public satisfaction. Capitalism provides more freedom, economic or otherwise, than communism. Many things attribute to economic wellbeing, such as content with the government system, the presence of innovation, competition, and global economies. Each of these essential attributes of economic wellbeing are connected to capitalism and the effects it has on the world. Capitalism is more successful in maintaining a stable government and preserving peace as opposed to communism, because capitalism gives the populous more economic freedom. Economic Paradigms such as free market capitalism, Keynesianism, and Marxism have had impacts on the Cold War. Keynesianism is the least extreme of these paradigms because it advocates for government interference in times of crisis, such as recessions. Free market capitalism is the concept of the economy being free from government control. The market is based on the needs of the producers and consumers. Milton Friedman and Adam Smith are a couple pioneers of the idea of uncontrolled economies, and the idea that the economy balances itself out. Smith believed that the economy didn’t need to be tampered, because supply and demand accounted for the changes without any required tampering. This is the opposite of Marxist Economics, which is the concept that the markets need to be controlled and planned. Marxist followers believe that capitalism is simply a stage in the process required to reach the end goal of a controlled market. These are two conflicting ideas that often separate the political left side from the right. Capitalism has implications far beyond economic aspects. Countries or governments with communist economic systems have experienced more political uprisings and revolutions than countries with capitalist economies. The Cold War provides proof of how countries with capitalist economies prevail above communist economies. Hong Kong demonstrates how economic freedom leads to happier people, and happy people typically don’t attempt to overthrow government systems. Capitalism is an effective method of avoiding governmental failure. The United States of America is an example of a capitalist, democratic, and relatively equal country in the world. If it’s compared directly to the Soviet Union, the United States is a progressive powerhouse. There are more equal opportunities for all different kinds of people. Even though not ev>

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