We can work on How accreditation organizations such as the Joint Commission use the health record

How do accreditation organizations such as the Joint Commission use the health record?

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they kill us: we ought to wipe them out.”(237). In one of the conversations with the younger narrator she even exhorts him to shed blood for his state. She says: “It took the ones humans a protracted time to construct that u . s . a .; masses of years, of wars and bloodshed. all and sundry who lived there has earned his right to be there with blood; with their brother’s blood and their father’s blood and their son’s blood. They know they’re a nation because they have got drawn their borders with blood… war is their religion. That’s what it takes to make a rustic. as soon as that happens human beings neglect they were born this or that, Muslim or Hindu, Bengali or Punjabi: they become a own family born of the equal pool of blood. that is what you have to do for India, don’t you spot?” (TSL 77- Ghosh depicts the politics of maps in subtle approaches. In Ghosh’s The Shadow lines, the narrator compares the drawing of barriers with the game of homes which Ila instructions her younger cousin to play. Ila says, ‘Don’t you apprehend? I’ve just rearranged matters a touch. If we fake it’s a residence, it’ll be a residence’. similarly, ‘rearrangement’ and ‘pretension’ are key phrases for the birth of countries. maximum international locations are created out of rearrangement, phantasm and disillusion. The delivery of a state relies upon on the solving of barriers. a brand new nation is born out of the destruction and reconstruction of antique boundaries, which also paperwork or deforms the old and new relations. The belief of freedom is intermittently discussed within the Shadow strains. Ghosh brings extraordinary thoughts of nationalism for all and sundry. nearly anybody is seen doing something to be loose. however, the idea of freedom varies from man or woman to character. On the only hand, Ila has a distinctive perception of freedom. even though born an Indian, Ila opts to be British. She seeks freedom of a one of a kind kind. She likes main a lifestyles without restrictions. She has an Indian body but a British attitude. She choices up a fight in opposition to Robi when she is warned via her brother now not to dance with different men at a party. however, Ila can not lead life as freely as she desires to. Her overwhelming passion for Nick curbs her preference to steer a unfastened life. Ila’s freedom is constrained after she receives married to Nick. She has to fear approximately Nick’s alleged extramarital affair with any other female. Ila fails to detach herself from Nick. because of her devotion closer to Nick, Ila at one factor prevents the narrator from developing a dating with her. She is constrained through her own chores. Nick uses her as an item. Ila has a sacrificing nature. She tries each manner at her disposal to preserve the connection with Nick intact. on the give up of the novel, readers see her inability to gain the type of freedom she had constantly favored. She is also jealous of Magda, the white doll. Ila belongs to those kinds of those who accept as true with that the whole thing white is stunning. talking of Ila, N, Eakambaram (1990) says, ‘She (Ila) seems to be the type of individual who isn’t attached to any precise area’ (101). Tridib is one of the maximum attractive characters of The Shadow traces. he is a charismatic discern who enables enlarge the horizon of the narrator, giving him “worlds to tour in” and “eyes to peer>

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