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One of the main causes of hunger is poverty. According to the UN estimates, two thirds of the world’s hungry people are in Asia, the world’s most populous continent and over a quarter are in Africa which is the region with the highest percentage of hungry people. People living in poverty can not make enough food for themselves and their families. This seriously affects their health. Because food is a basic human need, without food, the body is not provided with essential nutrients to function. This makes them weaker, bringing real physical pain and real emotional anguish.

Those are not able to ear money to help them get out of poverty. Poverty has been increasing recently due to the economic impact of financial crisis 2008. This has been a problem for decades and has resulted in unprecedented consequences. According to the medical journal Lancet, malnutrition is responsible for more than half of child deaths. 800,000 infants died because they were born too soon or too small because of malnourished mothers. Infant mortality is closely related to inadequate nutrition for pregnant women. These “stunted” children grow up and continue living in misery, low income and chronic hunger.

Moreover, poor people, especially children living in poor areas, lack access to education. Many children in the world can not go to school because they have to go begging and feeding (eg). Another cause also directly attributed to hunger is the food shortage and food wastage. Lack of sufficient food is a large-scale social problem closely aligned with poverty. However, the central problem is not the lack of food supply, but its management. In the last 50 years, global food production has risen more than the global population. That means there is enough food to provide for everyone but one in eight people in some parts of the world is hungry.

Although technology has been applied to planting effectively, the problem is unbalanced distribution. While some rich countries are in surplus food, poorer countries are occuring hunger and food shortages. Examples include Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zambia, which are suffering from serious shortage. As a result food wastage frequently occurs in developed countries. In fact, one third of all food produced about 1. 3 billion tons is never consumed. This wastage also includes the wastage of other resources such as water, energy, etc are used in the production process.

Therefore, as a result of throwing away the food of the poor are not getting the food that they need. Food is being thrown away instead of giving it to the poor people. Hunger is also caused by environmental factors. One of them is global warming or climate change. Countries will suffer from food shortages due to adverse weather conditions affected by climate change. For example, some areas in North Africa, where major crop failures are caused by temperature. On the other hand, natural disasters such as droughts, floods, earthquakes and tropical storms increase that makes hunger worsen and affectting people’s lives.

For instance, in 2011, lack of rain caused crop failures in Somalia and Kenya. The poorer and developing countries are most affected by these disasters. This increases the human impact on the environment significantly increased. Deforestation for cropping land causes soil erosion as a typical example. Also, environmental pollution caused by human activities is also a part of climate change. Consequently, people is caught in this vicious cycle. The final reason for the hunger is war and contradiction. No one can deny this fact.

War and contradictions still exist in today’s world. Conflicts in Syria and Somalia are an example recently. War is over, the economy shakes, people are unemployed, homeless, the government is bad. Because war wreaks havoc on human beings, there is no source of food available for use. In addition to the death toll from war, people who starve to death from the effects of these disasters are a major threat. In fact, every 10 seconds we lose a child because of starvation. It is more than the total number of dengue fever victims, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS combined.

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