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will interview a person who works as a helping professional. Your interview should last a minimum of 20 minutes and should be of sufficient length for you to obtain all of the information you will need to complete your paper. Your volunteer must be an adult aged 21 or older. They must give you their permission to participate in the interview and you must explain to them that you will be using the content of the interview in your paper for this class. You will indicate that you have obtained permission and informed them about the purpose in your paper.
You will be recording (in writing) information obtained during your interview as well as assessing how well you did in using the listed interview skills. As with the first interview activity, you will also record your reaction to the interview process. You will provide some basic demographic data about your interviewee but no identifying information (i.e. not full name). You will also provide the name, address, phone number and website/email address of the agency or organization for which the interviewee works.
Use the checklist provided on Blackboard. You will submit the completed checklist along with your summary paper. You are welcome to handwrite information on this form and scan a copy but you are also welcome to type into the form and attach a copy of the completed Word document.
Your paper and the checklist form must both be uploaded to Blackboard by the due date listed on your course schedule.

Complete your paper using the following outline:

  1. Brief description of interviewee and agency:
    Include basic information about the interviewee, including initials and gender, name of agency for which they work, service(s) they provide.
    Include a statement that you informed your volunteer that this was for a class assignment and that you obtained permission from them to write about your interview with them.
  2. Summary of what you learned during the interview:
    In at least a paragraph, describe the following:
    Tell a little bit about what agency or organization does.
    What services do they provide?
    What types of people do they work with or help?
    What does your interviewee do?
    How long have they worked there?
    What do they like best about being a helping professional?
    What do they like least about being a helping professional?
    What interviewing skills do they find they rely upon the most?
    What advice do they have for someone who is planning to become a helping professional?

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