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Healthcare Delivery Model For The U.S. Healthcare

Posted on June 7, 2021

 Create a healthcare delivery model for the U.S. healthcare system. When creating the model, ask yourself these questions: What is included? How does it look? Who does it serve? How is it financed? Is it sustainable?Include the following in your project:

A memo that explains the proposed model and what it hopes to achieve, including information on the changing dynamics of healthcare reimbursement and the associated funding sources.In a report outlining the model, you should include:An executive summaryThe model itself (i.e., what’s included in the model, who the model serves, description of how the model will be financed and sustained)Timeline of major events in healthcare that have transpired over the past 10 years that have impacted this new modelA list of the current financing and reimbursement models within the U.S. healthcare delivery system and a statement of how each will change or remain the same under this new modelA synopsis of the major challenges of economic and noneconomic barriers to improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing access to healthcareA list and description of stakeholders within U.S. healthcare system under this new modelA SWOT analysis of the current U.S. healthcare systemA trends forecast outlining the possible changes in healthcare that may affect the model over the next 5 yearsA voiceover PowerPoint presentation to the Senate committee to layout/describe the model in detail

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