We can work on Health Promotion Program, Part A: Objectives and Target Population

The first step in developing your 5-7 minute health promotion program is to identify your objective and your target population. In the assignment this week, you will do just that; identify a Healthy People 2020 objective and select a target population. You will then begin to research your topic and write learning objectives.
•Health Promotion Program, Part A: Objectives and Target Population is due by MN EST Sunday of Module 1.
•Worksheet for Part A

NOTE: Be sure to review the grading rubric.

Write three learning objectives for your health promotion program as they relate to your target audience. Be sure to include:
•Audience (learning objectives relevant for target audience, include target audience age range),
•Behavior (includes appropriate use of action verbs; matching the domain),
•Condition (a condition of the desired task),
•Degree (a measureable outcome/amount/accuracy).

No more than 3 learning objectives, since the presentation should last between 5 – 7 minutes.

Note: Your chosen topic cannot be the same as examples found in the course. Your audience cannot be any member of the healthcare profession, but must include at least 3-5 members in your audience.

NOTE: The topic of your presentation cannot be the same as is provided in the examples in the course. If the example topic is used, a grade of zero will be earned

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