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Assignment Purpose: Knowing the role that healthcare managers play in the healthcare field opens many potential job opportunities for your future. In order to understand these opportunities, you should be able to ask the right questions. Assignment Details: In order to determine where you may want to focus as a future healthcare manager, create an interview and conduct it with a professional in the healthcare management field, a fellow classmate or an instructor. Looking back at your Talent Inventory done in week 2, consider what area of healthcare management interests you as a future career. Develop a set of 10 interview questions that you will ask the individual regarding that career. Consider where your strengths and weaknesses occur and ensure that your interview provides you with a good understanding of what you will be doing. The interview should be conducted via over the telephone, or via email – if you choose email please include your instructor on the email train. To submit the assignment, list the name and title of the individual you interviewed, your questions and their responses. Then summarize the experience and your thoughts on the career you have chosen.

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