We can work on Hamlet, Woman at Point Zero, “Woh”

Answer both A, and B [10 points each]. You must  answer two questions in all .

Write your answers in several lengthy paragraphs per question, including clear and connected illustrative evidence. Do not use the essay formatno need to write two separate formal essays, as this is an exam.


Give a complete discussion of the

three revenge plots in Hamlet,

defining each plot,

and highlighting the differences in the situations and temperaments of the three revengers.

Do not offer 3 sentences simply identifying them, or listing them in point format. Use detailed paragraphs, using full sentences and explanations.


What different kinds of violence are shown in Saadawis Woman at Point Zero and Jahaans Woh?[TWO/BOTH WORKS]

What bigger ethical questions are tied into the two writers treatment?

What impediments prevent right actions?

Who is being punished in both the situations, by whom, and for what?

BOTH the works must be covered again in detailed paragraphs, using full sentences and explanations. Mere identification, or listing in point format will be insufficient.

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