We can work on globalisation,

With increasing globalisation, does culture in international marketing matter?

-The impact of culture on successfully conducting business internationally has

grown in recognition over time, but equally the world in which we live is converging in the era of globalisation.

– Write a 1,000 word discussion paper highlighting the importance of culture in

international marketing.

– Your response should use current academic literature (at least 5 articles) and

theory to support your answer, as well as practical examples.

– You may choose to focus on one particular aspect of culture in relation to

international marketing, or approach the subject in a broad fashion.

– Students should provide a highly insightful and thorough discussion of (selected) key

issues related to culture in an international marketing context.

– Submission online.

– A penalty of 10% per day (to a maximum of 25% which is the total allocated for the assessment) will be applied for late submissions.

There are many elements of culture such as language, religion, values and attitudes, manners and customs education and so on, you need to choose 2 or 3 that we think it’s important on international marketing, and use marketing theory and framework to explain why it’s important(from the journal), also you need practice example to support it  and  find reference for the example(from the journal or website), because the example must be real

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