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A book review for PLSC 411 does more than rehash the content of a book or comment on its length or
entertainment value because (presumably) everyone will have read it. Instead, the main goal is to try to identify
the main argument or arguments of the book and critique it on those grounds. For example, you might ask
whether an argument is adequately supported by the author(s). The point is not to create a class-specific form
of writing, but to focus your attention on the main element in any book review: identifying the key issues or
contributions of a book, and opining on whether the book accomplishes what it sets out to do. There is,
however, one artificial, class-specific aspect of a PLSC 411 book review; authors are required to include a shortlist of discussion questions that might be used in class. Note that book reviews will be due ahead of the class and
posted on MyCourses for all to read. Students are responsible for reading each other’s reviews and discussion
please read Green and Gerber and do this book review. I will attach a model book review you can use as a
reference for an example

Sample Solution

Examination: Ode to a Nightingale and Dover Beach John Keats ‘s “Night” and Matthew Arnold’ s “Dover Beach” were composed by various individuals at various occasions, however their decision about human condition is fundamentally the same as. As the second era sentimental, Keats’ language is rich and expressive, zeroing in on singular artists; and Victorian time of Arnold, time and demeanor, written in straightforward language, and more extensive Focus on the specific circumstance. It is the world. Keats is a youngster, yet he kicks the bucket with information soon; Arnold is a love bird man, everybody thinks it is sound and has a long life. ‘Keats Yangko and Nightingale’ s John Keats joined with the two unfading things “Greeks of Greeks” and “Night” attempting to get away from the cruelty of human life. In “Songbird”, Keats attempted to associate with the peeping of flying creatures as the music knew nothing about maturing and demise. Keats has a similar inspiration in “the age to antiquated Greeks” and attempted to associate three separate pictures of the puzzling cymbal. Association … The examination of “Westerly Winds” by Westerly Windsley initially looked more confused than it really was. The structure of verse resembles a long and convoluted sentence, on the grounds that the primary sentence doesn’t appear as far as possible. The purpose of the 54 sonnet was hindered for 56 lines and afterward the peruser saw unmistakably what Shelley said toward the west wind and why he said as much. In the initial four quarters, Shelley depicted the westerly wind in three unique manners. In Keat’s “The Nightingale” and Shelley’s “Westerly Wind”, the two artists demonstrated a ton of motivation in their sonnets. The Nightingale fowl speaks to the powerful wonder the speaker imagined. The breeze of “Westerly Winds” is motivated by the speaker and capacities as “destroyer and safeguard”. In verse, in the “songbird” the peruser sees the writer making motivation through artist inebriated Tuga and some sort of opium. The artist discussed biting the dust in the utilization of poisonous beverages in the subsequent quarter. The speaker needs “I will blur away, vanish, totally overlooked/You don’t know in leaves never (21-22)”. The speaker cites life and all the awful parts of the world that propelled him to consider self destruction. This thought of ​​death and self destruction is additionally disclosed by reference to Section VI. 30-33: Make a noisy clamor on the sea shore where the waves on the sea shore are secured with cobblestones. These lines are suggestive of Arnold’s “Dover Beach”, and the last two lines mirror the feelings like those communicated by the songbird. Human music has been heard on numerous banks of outsiders from the turn of the century. This thought was completely evolved in the following segment (1.34-44).>

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