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Your individual assignment requires you to generate a 5 minute video that could be used in any external company as a corporate training aid.
The video will enable employees in any company to learn the skills required to deliver an impactful business presentation. Your training session will instruct employees how to adopt the approach, posture, words, message and voice that will result in increased personal impact and influence on a business audience. Your video should explain what audience members need to know and how they can put that knowledge into practice in common business situations. Examples and illustrations would be beneficial.
The content for your video should be drawn from Principle Nine: Execution (The Final 100m) – see the link at the top of ‘Modules’. It is recommended to read the whole chapter before the course begins. We will develop deeper expertise in the content of this chapter during Class SIX.
In addition to Principle Nine, you may include any further content that you have learned specifically from this course that is relevant to designing and delivering an impactful business presentation. For example, you will have gathered valuable insights from Class FOUR. Do not include materials, ideas, quotes etc. from outside the course. Your professor seeks to assess what you have been able to learn from this particular course – not what you knew already before the course.
Finally, the best videos will actively demonstrate application of the principles and content that are explained in your video.
The style of your video is up to you. You may choose to deliver a presentation with yourself in shot, without yourself in shot, with or without any specific slides at all. Do whatever you think will be most effective.
There is no need to provide any explanation of your video or why you are doing it. Assume the user knows it is a training video to increase his or her personal impact during public speaking or business presentations.
Submitting your video:
Record your video, then upload it to YouTube as ‘Unlisted’, then post the link to that unlisted video into MyCourses. DO NOT list it as private or your professor will be unable to see it (and will therefore be unable to grade it, resulting in an F).
Your video should not exceed five minutes in total, so plan your content carefully.

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