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The trend of relocating to megacities and urban centers is leading to an entirely new set of demands. There are
33 megacities today; a megacity is any city with a population of more than 10,000,00 people.
By 2050 at least 60% of all people will live in or around a massive city.
City planners need to diver their actions in creating a better future. But… how?
In this short essay analyze how can future mega-cities be more

Sample Solution

War Poems The main sonnet of war verse was a sonnet composed by Walt Whitman before 1900 years. It is designated “originated from the field father.” This sonnet tells the family how heard the news that his child was harmed in fight. At first, it clarifies that his sister gets a letter and asks her dad and mom. At that point the artist will keep on clarifying the setting of the homestead and its experience. “The apple of the plantation is ready and the grapes of grapes will be grapes.” “The sky is extremely quiet …”, it is peaceful and quiet and excellent. “He made a calm and lovely spot. WB Yeats’ first fight tune was “Mentioned to give war verse” on February 6, 1915. Because of the solicitation of Henry James, Yeats composed a political sonnet about World War I. Yeat changed the title of the sonnet to “Give a companion”. On 20 August 1915, Yeat composed a letter to Coul Park’s Curry and requested that a nonpartisan nation sign his revelation. Explanation behind quiet “When it was reproduced later, the title was changed to” Requested to give war verse “. Yeats’ most popular war verse is “Ireland’s pilot predicts his passing.” This sonnet is a monolog given by the pilot in the First World War, and the talker depicts his looming demise. This sonnet is about the job of Irish warriors who battled with Britain when Ireland attempted to set up freedom. The main sonnet mirrors the picture of war that a great many people know well. This sonnet “Flanders Battlefield” is presumably the most well known and mainstream war sonnet. It was first distributed in British ‘punch’ magazine in December 1915. Surprisingly fast, this sonnet represents the penance of all the battle in World War I. “Flanders Battlefield” was made by a specialist and instructor of Canada, John McCrea who worked in the South African War and the First World War. He was moved to the clinical group and doled out to a French emergency clinic. He was dynamic in 1918 and passed on of pneumonia. His sonnet assortment “Flanders Field” and other verse assortments were distributed in 1919. This sonnet is still piece of a commemoration in Canada and different nations. Maybe the most popular contemporary utilization of this sentence is the title of the sonnet “Dulce et Decorum est” by British artist Wilfred Owen during the First World War. Owen’s verse portrays the gas assault during the First World War and is one of his numerous enemy of war sonnets that were not declared until the finish of the war. In the last scarcely any lines of this sonnet, Horatian phrases are communicated as “old falsehoods”. Individuals accept and utilize the first of that sonnet to clarify that Owen is attempting to disparage the sonnet by Jessie Pope (who commended the war and enlisted in a basic energetic verse). “Little accomplice” who is eager about charging and shooting. Like “telephone”>

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