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Scenario:The director of CCCU sport wishes to professionalise student sport. In this process he has created an intern post for a sport scientist who specialises in physiology.  You have applied, and have been given the opportunity to deliver an individual presentation as part of the interview process.
Checklist:Steps: Objective Number of Slides Audio Duration Notes:1. Choose a varsity sport. https://ccsu.co.uk/activities/sport/list/2. Introduce yourself 1 1 minute Introduce yourself and your background.3. Outline physiological demands of the sport. 2 3 minute Outline all the physiological factors that influence performance in that particular sport using scientific research.4. Identify one physiological test/assessment for athlete/team. 1 1 minutes Choose 1 test based on your research review that you feel is appropriate for the athlete/team.5. Justify your test choice using scientific literature and the information you have included in step 3. 1 2 minutes Justify why you have chosen this test, include what it will show you, how it relates to the sport, is it going to test what you want to know. And is it well justified based on the literature i.e. if the literature states on average a player runs no more than 20 meters in one sprint, a 50 meter sprint test would not be appropriate. 6. Indicate how you would use this data in prescribing your training for the athlete/team. 2 3 minutes Use scientific evidence in research papers that would support your choice of training. State what you would do, what’s involved in the training, use research to support your choice of training.7. Reference List 1 Detail all your references, around 10+.

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