We can work on Five recommendations for improving the security of online transactions

Make five recommendations for improving the security of online transactions. Search news articles for companies that provide preventive measures for e-commerce sites. What are included in their offerings? What are the costs? When you purchase from online businesses, how do you know that a Web site is secure?

Sample Solution

could be gaps in the text which they have to fill in with a phrase in order to finish the sentence. they may additionally stumble upon grammatical errors that they have to underline and exchange it to the ideal shape. One problem which could occur is that the texts given can be to tough to some student, if this takes place the advantages of the assignment might be misplaced. The teacher could consequently use texts with exceptional levels of english vocabulary in it. so as for pupils to understand the regulations of the english language they should be uncovered to the english language in unique ways, they need to speak it extra, write it greater, examine it extra and pay attention greater. on this way they may be completely uncovered to all of the crucial ways of studying a language and could implicitly broaden their vocabulary, recognize the construct-up of meanings and the pronunciation will also be affected in a positive way component 2 -project 1 due to my first challenge being interactive listening while talking one necessity might be to apply what’s refereed to as infant-directed speech. which means I as a trainer need to make the getting to know language understandable and clean to pupils at a young age, this could work with using such things as a slower fee whilst speaking or focusing on significant mistakes corrections. similarly on, the trainer desires to create possibilities of utterances. this may as stated earlier only work if the child feels at ease in the lecture room environment. finally if a trainer’s goal is to inspire pupils to speak and specific themselves, the instructor can’t unmarried out students when an mistakes is made because of it often leads to embarrassment and shyness amongst students.one of the difficulties in a lecture room is always to contain all the pupils, but with the composition of the tasks I need to make sure that now not simplest the scholars who “dare” to reply the question do, but to make sure that there is involvement from all of the students within the classroom. consequently the primary element in which I ask the questions, there’ll most effective be more than one college students who solution. For the second component I need to assure myself that all scholars have understood the that means of my lecture. the second one story which the students had to create on their own in a few type of chain paintings is some kind of hobby for the scholars to work with the english structure and vocabulary (Scott & Ytreberg, 2013, s. 38). -challenge 2 In challenge two I want the students to reveal a few form of abstractical wondering.therefore i select to put them in smaller businesses to inspire social interactions between scholars. this will have a high-quality impact on college students who are embarrassed or to afraid to talk in class. the first assignment is to, as a collection write a few sentences to accompany one picture this is given to the institution through the teacher. something that a exceptional deal of experts emphasize is the importance of youngsters being worried in creative activities by way of themselves or in the company of a set. Secondly the teacher will ask the students one after the other what they individually thought once they checked out the photo. this may display me as a trainer, how a good deal each student understood and to what extent they are able to explicit themselves,(VannestÃ¥l & Lundberg, 2010, s. 21). undertaking 3 there is a consensus inside the area of didactics, a instructor ought to now not teach grammar explicitly, there ought to be a top notch deal of indirect grammar mastering with the help of mission three. an instantaneous technique of grammar to younger scholars will now not have the identical effect as in case you provide them questions in a “fill-inside the hole” components. on this way students will now not experience as they are studying grammar but best filling in the phrase in the questionnaire. This has been shown to be a implicit manner of getting to know grammar and expanding one’s english vocabulary. a few students may additionally discover this mission greater “a laugh” than the opposite , this goes to expose that no longer each mission is for all people. Therefor to be a trainer method that you have to be flexible with what obligations to use and how to do observe-usaon college students which are weaker on the english concern. (Scott & Ytreberg, 2013, s. 24).>

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