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The course project will require students to complete a Financial Analysis of an assigned publicly traded corporation. The project deliverable will be in a structured Word Document includes Excel spreadsheets.
During WEEK 1 students will be given a publicly traded company to research. Project requirements must include the following analysis:
A. One page description of the corporation: its products, markets.
B. Overall trend assessment of the company’s balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows for the last three years.
C. Selected ratio and trend analysis. Ratios must include liquidity, asset management, solvency, profitability, and market value ratios. A three year ratio analysis is the minimum expectation.
D. Analysis of the company’s stock price and EPS trends for the last three years. Analysis must include comparison to key market competitors.
E. Evaluation of the firm’s Beta in relation to a specified market index (ie: S & P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow 30).
F. Assessment of the firm’s capital structure including any significant changes in the firm’s capital structure over the last three to five years.
G. (Balance sheet data).
H. Assessment of the Firm’s cash flow and determination of the firms free cash flow over the last three years.
I. Closing summary of the firms financial health in relation to the overall economy and with its industry.


Maximum 9 pages in length, not including a cover page , Appendices and supporting references.
Paper Format: APA required
Supporting Financial data prepared using EXCEL
Students may include additional reference materials such as financial statements
Students are not to copy and paste financial statements or other materials directly from the web into their analysis (Word) file.
Reference page includes all references sited, APA format for references.

The grading criteria for the project will be broken down as follows:

Description of the firms market, products and financial highlights
(1 page maximum) —– ( 5 points Maximum)

Financial statement assessment ( 1 page maximum)—- (10 points Maximum)

Ratio and trend analysis prepared with supporting analysis (3 page Maximum)—( 30 points Maximum)

Stock Price and EPS analysis (1 page Maximum) —(10 points Maximum)

Capital Structure analysis and calculated WACC (1 page maximum)—15 points Maximum)

Cash Flow analysis (1 page maximum) – 10 points Maximum

Conclusion/summary of financial condition of firm— 5 points Maximum

Excel documentation concise clear, supports narrative and requirements –5 points Maximum

Perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar, APA, concise business style writing, reference page—10 points Maximum.




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