We can work on Film Analysis : ​Gerald’s Game

For this assignment, you are to reflect on your experience viewing the film Gerald’s Game and the different ways which the film is similar to, or different from, a Stephen King book or movie. When doing this, you not to specifically comment on certain scenes or shots, but rather, the different ways in which the film affected you as a viewer. Return to our discussions on horror, terror, the monstrous, and anxiety and reflect on the differences between your experiences studying each work. This shouldn’t be seen as an analytical paper that is fleshed out or completely organized in any sort of way, and instead should be seen as a loose reflective piece of prose that takes your personal opinions and feelings as primary sources for study. In a sense, I am asking you to do the opposite of what I would typically ask for you to do on an essay. I am still requiring that you use MLA, but this and the page length are the only formal requirements.


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