We can work on Fashion merchandising in 21 century Retail Management of Retail Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

There are five questions for you to research. Each response must be 2-3-pages in length. Include a reference page and cite your sources.

Explain business analytics and how is it used in the retail industry.
Describe how business analytics captures and analyzes customer data.
Why is it important for omni-channel retail executives to know the concepts of international management?
Name the top ten nations which have omni-channel retailers located in their country and doing business internationally.
Name 5-7 omni-channel retailers which conduct business globally. Explain the reason why the retailers have earned the reputation of global omni-channel retailers.

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Dissecting How Stigmas and Media Influence Disordered Eating in Males Unique There are different natural, mental, and social factors that add to all conditions or clutters (Fitcher and Krenn, 2003) This writing survey talks about organic, mental, and social factors that impact confused eating, explicitly in guys. Furthermore, this audit underlines the impact that social marks of shame and media have on sentiments of body disappointment which, thus, can be related with side effects of dietary problems. Tragically, the present society ceaselessly uncovered, both, types of people to messages that disclose to them their body is the thing that characterizes them (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). Such messages can be passed on through social variables like ads, disparaged sexual orientation jobs, guardians, and media (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). It has been discovered that introduction to these variables may prompt disguise of the media’s pre-imagined thoughts of the “flawless man”, which can be connected to expanded body disappointment (Thompson and Stick, 2001). For most of guys, muscle-arranged body disappointment prompted a drive for strength (McCreary and Sasse, 2000). Decisively, wild organic elements, sociocultural impacts, and mental unrest are related with body disappointment and symptomatic scattered eating in guys. Investigating How Stigmas and Media Influence Disordered Eating in Males Notwithstanding the expanded predominance of dietary problems among ladies, look into has demonstrated that cluttered eating practices are on the ascent in guys (Furnham, Badmin, and Sneade, 2002). This writing survey separates factors that impact issue in guys into three gatherings: natural, mental, and social elements (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). The biopsychosocial model, clarifies wellbeing and sickness from an organic, mental, and social point of view (Suls and Rothman, 2004). Moreover, this model sees that it isn’t only one framework engaged with the experience and results of a person’s wellbeing or sickness, however each of the three frameworks, intelligently working. (Suls &Rothman, 2004). The impact of social marks of shame and media on a person’s apparent degree of body disappointment shows the effect of social effects on mental working (Harrison and Cantor, 1997). In like manner, wild natural factors, for example, BMI or pubertal planning, may influence levels of body disappointment (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). Lamentably, the present society persistently uncovered the two people to messages that disclose to them their body is the thing that characterizes them (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). Messages, for example, these, can be passed on through guardians, criticized sexual orientation jobs, and media. It has been discovered that a few people may start to disguise, or really accept society’s pre-considered ideas of allure, and start taking part in dietary problem symptomatology to attempt to come to these, to some degree unattainable, objectives (Thompson and Stice, 2001). So how do these organic, mental, and social factors explicitly impact confused eating in guys? Organic Factors of Disordered Eating in Males Physiological variables comprise of the person’s hereditary cosmetics, a segment that one doesn’t really have authority over (Suls and Rothman, 2004). Research has demonstrated that two of the most critical organic components connected to dietary issues among guys are weight list (BMI) and pubertal planning (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). Youthful guys who were overweight, with a higher BMI, announced expanded degrees of body disappointment and cultural weights to diminish fat and increment bulk (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). A person with a higher BMI may experience prodding among friends which could influence the social part of his life. Social disconnection can prompt sentiments of negative effect (wretchedness and nervousness), counting calories, and an improved probability of participating in dietary problem practices (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). Contrasted with ladies, guys hit adolescence around two years after the fact (Fichter and Kreen, 2003). Pubertal planning, is an organic hazard factor of dietary issues in guys in light of the fact that downturn, social separation, and body disappointment may increment contingent upon when pubescence is experienced (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). Guys who were late to develop experienced expanded degrees of body disappointment and were bound to go to be practice subordinate than the individuals who experienced late development (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). Late development additionally expanded side effects of despondency, parental clash, and were seen as less prominent among their friends (Ricciardelli and McCabe, 2004). It is demonstrated that both of these organic factors adversely influenced the person’s mental and social parts of their life, improving the probability of scattered eating. Social Factors of Disordered Eating in Males Messages concerning society’s optimal body are being dispersed to young people by their folks. Research relating to guardians’ job in self-perception aggravations among young ladies is known, yet shouldn’t something be said about the job of guardians in the improvement of the self-perception among young men? McCabe and Ricciardelli (2001) led explore which displayed moms were seen to have a more noteworthy impact for dispositions about self-perception on their children’. Besides, it was seen that through positive remarks, moms were progressively compelling on their child’s self-perception with respect to tolerating abstaining from excessive food intake as a way to get in shape (Wertheim, Martin, Prior, Sanson, and Smart, 2002).. Then again, through analysis, fathers were additionally tolerating of activity as a procedure for weight reduction (McCabe and Ricciardelli., 2001) Studies propose that media patterns might be connected to the advancement of dietary issues in media buyers. In the present Western culture male’s physical uncertainties are focused by stressing the requirement for extraordinary weight control plans, improving enhancements, or work out regimes. Notwithstanding the item being sold, the message that men constantly need to improve themselves is being publicized in magazines, for example, Men’s Health. (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). Usually pictures in the media add to body disappointment in ladies at the same time, Pope et al. (2000) has carried another point of view to the table concerning guys. Research recommends that men may have it more terrible than ladies as far as self-perfect inconsistency (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). Duggan and McCreary (2014) accept that following quite a while of commercials with respect to appearance, ladies have figured out how to overlook or face the media (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). In any case, men are seen to be molded to socially refrain from talking about such issues and think that its awkward to express their physical frailties (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). This finding is a ramifications that men are more vulnerable to average impacts than ladies regarding body disappointment and therefore, they will in general purchase publicized items to upgrade their physical appearance (Pope et al, 2000). Marks of shame related with sexual orientation jobs are a noteworthy supporter of self-perception unsettling influences in guys. The manliness theory suggests that men are in danger for strength situated body disappointment and confused eating because of sex jobs including predominance, certainty, sexual achievement, and physical and enthusiastic poise (Griffiths et al., 2014). Results from this examination demonstrated that more noteworthy muscle disappointment and strength situated disarranged eating, yet not muscle to fat ratio disappointment or slenderness arranged scattered eating, was related with expanded adjustment to manly standards. A conceivable clarification for this is a few guys feel as though they come up short on these manly characteristics or are progressively saved, subsequently they feel as though a bigger, increasingly strong body could make up for those emotions prompting body disappointment and cluttered eating. (Griffiths et al., 2014) So how social factors and messages from the media effect communicate with mental working of a person? Mental Factors of Disordered Eating in Males As found in the past areas, organic and social variables are connected to negative affectivity, self-perception disguise, and body disappointment. Self-perception is the manner by which one sees and assesses their appearance and physical capacity (Taylor, 2015). Research has demonstrated that various relationship of self-perception are diverse in men than ladies. Guys are bound to connect engaging quality with expanded, fit, muscle definition, driving them to a drive for strength (McCreary and Sasse, 2000). Then again, females with body disappointment ordinarily partner engaging quality with being meager. (Duggan and McCreary, 2004). Media patterns might be connected to disguise which, thus, can prompt the advancement of dietary problems (Harrison and Cantor, 1997). People disguise the perfect self-perception that the media depicts due to slandered sex jobs. This idea, self-perception disguise, alludes to how much an individual truly accepts society’s meaning of appeal and takes part in practices, for example, disarranged eating, to attempt to arrive at these to some degree unattainable thoughts. Hence, it is the disappointment of the body that hypothetically advances eating less junk food and negative effect, which can expand the hazard for beginning of eating scattered indications. (Thompson and Stice, 2001). Dietary issues in Males There are numerous kinds of dietary issues, nonetheless, the most widely recognized are anorexia nervosa, fanatically eating fewer carbs as well as practicing until one arrives at a body weight very under ideal level, and bulimia, which includes rotating cycles of gorging then vomiting utilizing strategies, for example, regurgitating, intestinal medicines, outrageous consuming less calories, and medication or liquor misuse (Taylor, 2015). Research has demonstrated that there are significantly higher rates of eating disor>

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