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Create and design communication examples that you would use with parents (must be your own work). Pretend you are a teacher of a preschool age classroom and design a minimum of 10 examples of ways you can communicate with parents. Create each example as if you were sending it out to a parent.  Communication is very important when working with families. As a teacher, you will find that you need to remind them of upcoming events over and over so they are informed of what is going on in the classroom. How will you communication with families? This project requires you to design a minimum of 10 different examples of various ways you can communicate with parents. Examples can include an email, a newsletter, flyers about upcoming events., sign up sheet for conferences, note about school closing, a note about needed items for art projects, etc. The list is endless. (No duplicate examples) for this assignment, pretend you are the teacher of a preschool age (3,4,5) classroom and please create one example per page and create examples as if you were sending them out to parents (One example of an email, note, sign up sheet,-no duplicate examples). Check for details, spelling, grammar, add graphics which grab parents attention, check format, make sure you had added all the information. When you submit this project, you will have a minimum of 10 pages. (You can earn extra credit if you submit more than 10 examples). This is not something you can do the night before it is due. There are many examples of effective communication in the textbook. Zero credit for any examples copied from the web or from any other place/person including templates.

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