We can work on External Environment

Answer the following questions using information from the case to support your answers:
• What, if any, issues or factors is the firm facing in the broad environment?
• What is the product or service? What function does it serve? What are the channels of distribution?
• What is the industry size in units and dollars? How fast is it growing? Are products differentiated? Are there high exit barriers? Are there high

fixed costs? These are some of the forces that determine the strength of competition among existing competitors.
• Who are the major competitors? What are their market shares? In other words, is the industry consolidated or fragmented?
• What are the basic strategies of competitors? How successful are they? Are competitors likely to retaliate to competitive moves or countermoves? How

rapidly do they respond?
• Who are the major customers of the industry? Are they powerful? What gives them power?
• Who are the major suppliers to the industry? Are they powerful? What gives them power?
• Do significant entry barriers exist? What are they? Are they effective in protecting existing competitors, thus enhancing profits?
• Are there any close substitutes for industry products and services? Do they provide pressure on prices charged in this industry?

Sample Solution

doesn’t require a ‘rainer’. I take this to be an insufficient analysis as the relationship expect that the pith of downpour is equivalent to that of contemplations. In any case, it appears that considerations are comparative basically to that of strolling. Strolling requires a walker and contemplations require a scholar. Descartes begins the 6th contemplation off by building up his body and the material world. To do this, he clarifies the distinction among creative mind and keenness, and how creative mind requires more exertion. Creative mind isn’t a basic piece of the ‘thinking thing’ that he believes himself to be, so on the off chance that he had a body, it would clarify the presence of creative mind. He reasons that almost certainly, he has a body which encounters the outer world. He at that point comes back to the Cogito to demonstrate that in addition to the fact that he is a reasoning thing, however that he has a psyche which is independent to his body. As an extreme dualist, he accepts that the brain has totally various properties to the psyche, which thusly, prompts him to accept that they can’t be indeed the very same thing. The body is a distinct, unessential and broadened substance though the brain is sure, fundamental and indissoluble. With different strategies, Descartes has attempted to set up that in addition to the fact that his bodies exist, however his brain does as well. The Cogito has attempted to demonstrate that he is a ‘thinking thing’ which was then evolved upon to demonstrate the presence of a body and psyche. Despite the fact that I consider the Cogito demonstrating him to be a ‘Res Cogitans’ a triumph, the strategies wherein he affirms the presence of a body miss the mark and frees itself up to analysis. Consequently, I trust Descartes to be fruitful in demonstrating his reality as a reasoning thing as it were. About Essay Sauce This page of the article has 1327 words. Download the full form above. Celebration In Malaysia, the primary celebration that Chinese culture celebrates is Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese New Year is the best celebration for Chinese culture, since it is another year for them and it is an extraordinary open door for families assembling and appreciates the get-together supper. Chinese culture will appeal to their god during Chinese New Year to trust they get good karma and secured by god. Other than that, the majority of the individuals will decide to wear red shading garments on the main day of Chinese New Year. They accept that the red shading will carry karma to them. In addition, there is additionally a conviction behind the celebration that why individuals ought to embellish their home with red shading and plan fireworks consistently. As indicated by the folklore, there was a mammoth went to the town and eat the kids and locals on the main day of Chinese New Year. The mammoth was named Nian. At that point, the residents accept that on the off chance that they set up some nourishment for Nian, at that point the monster won’t keep on eating locals. So they began a thought which they will set up certain nourishments for the monster each first day of the year. However, at some point, a divine being told townspeople that Nian feared red shading and advised them to put the red paper and fireworks on their home. In conclusion, Nian was terrified away by the sparklers during Chinese New year and Nian never returned again. Consequently, this is the reasons why individuals utilized fireworks to observe Chinese New Year and furthermore accept red shading brings them karma. Moreover, the other principle celebration celebrate by Chinese culture is Mid-Autumn Festival. It is falls on the fifteenth of August in Lunar schedule each year; the moon shows up in the most splendid and roundest condition at that night. In Chinese, Mid-Autumn Festival is likewise the significance of round moon and individuals rejoin. The splendid round moon speaks to family get-together. Other than that, there is a fantasy which lead everybody conviction to commend this Mid-Autumn Festival. As indicated by the legend, there was ten suns rose together in one day. Be that as it may, it makes horrendous calamity human, so as to spare the people there must be a saint. There was a saint name Hou Yi , he is an amazing bows and arrows and he has a spouse name Chang Er. At that point, Hou Yi was compensated an everlasting status sedate by>

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