We can work on Exploring e real-life examples of the criminal trial process in 2 different types of trials.

In this assessment, you explore real-life examples of the criminal trial process in 2 different types of trials.

Search the Internet for trials using parameters such as, but not limited to, “watch criminal trials online,” or visit the Wild About Trial website.

Compare 2 trials. If possible, compare a murder trial with one involving another major felony. Include the parties represented in each trial (i.e., plaintiff and defendant).

Write a word comparison in which you. Summarize what each trial was about.
Identify the type of court the trials were held in. Refer to Ch. 1 for types of courts in the United States.
Describe as many of the steps of each trial as you can. Refer to Ch. 13 for the steps/process. Explain the similarities and differences between the 2 trials you selected.
Identify as many of the actors of each trial as you can who played a role in the steps of the trial process. What were their roles? Cite a minimum of 2 sources (one source for each trial).

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