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Assignment Task

Your task is to write an evidence-based proposal to address an original workplace challenge
in your chosen area of business psychology: EITHER Engagement and motivation (Topic 4)
OR Work design and organisational change (Topic 5) OR Health and well-being at work
(Topic 6).

1. Briefly define the original psychological or behavioural workplace challenge your
proposal seeks to address.
2. Develop a hypothesis about a possible cause for this workplace challenge, informed
by recent valid and reliable business psychology research evidence.
3. Describe a data collection plan to test your hypothesis.
4. Discuss how diversity, gender or cultural influences may moderate the relation
between the variables you have identified.
5. Finally, append a completed reflective learning evaluation form (do not include this in
the final word count).


As you prepare the proposal, think about the original psychological and/or behavioural
challenge that you want to try to address with your data. You may use a challenge at your
own workplace, at your friends’ or family’s workplace, or a topical workplace challenge
highlighted in the news.
Your hypothesis about what might cause this challenging issue should be directly and
explicitly related to a recent theory or research evidence. It should identify two variables
which you expect will be associated, one possible cause and one behavioural outcome.
Typically, you will be looking to test a relationship between a predictor (e.g., presenteeism)
and a psychological or behavioural outcome (e.g., well-being).
Your data collection plan should allow you to determine, through data collection, if your
hypothesis is correct. It should clearly explain how you will measure your identified predictor
and your psychological or behavioural outcome (e.g., well-being). This includes describing
the scale(s) you would use (with appropriate referencing), and/or the conditions you will use
in an experiment.
Your discussion should offer non-trivial, evidence-based reflection on how diversity, gender
or cultural influences may impact the relationship between your predictor and your outcome
as well as clear, practical advice to ensure fairness in the workplace.

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