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Essay Question # 1 – Discuss the evolution of business ethics as a field of study from before 1960 to the present.  What historical event do you think has the most important impact on the current business environment? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 2 – Define business ethics, analyzes the benefits of business ethics and the development of business ethics. (250-500 Words)


Essay Question # 3 – Select a recent ethical breach at a company.  Briefly describe what happened, and the effects on stakeholders. Why do you think it is noteworthy? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 4 – Why is ethical misconduct more difficult for a business to overcome than poor financial performance? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 5 – Discuss how one goes about recognizing an ethical issue?   How do companies respond to ethical issues? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 6 – List 5 different ethical issues in the workplace.  Then briefly reflect on how they could be prevent. (150 Words)


Essay Question # 7 – How has the concept of social responsibility changed?  Select an area you think will change over the next 10 years and speculate on why and what might happen? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 8 – How do you think managers and business executives should display ethical principles.  Give an example. (150 Words)


Essay Question # 9 – How can companies secure stakeholder input during an ethics audit? Why do you think it is important to do so? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 10 – How do you think ethical actions of business leaders (positive or negative) effect the actions of their subordinates. (150 Words)


Essay Question # 11 – What is the Global Reporting Initiative? What is its goal? Why do you think it has grown in importance? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 12 – How can differences in two countries’ cultures create opportunities for learning about ethical differences? (150 Words)


Essay Question # 13 – List five aspects of an ethics programs that you think should considered successful.  What do you think is the most important feature of that program? (150 Words)

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