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You are an editor of a newspaper and have been given photographs of American soldiers celebrating and doing unsavory things over a pile of dismembered enemy bodies which include children. In addition, the photographs are 7 years old. Further, the soldiers in the picture are directly responsible for winning the war that put an end to the oppression of the people in the opposing land. The oppression included slavery. Also, you possess the only existing copies of these photographs.

The Question: Do you post these pictures in your paper?

  1. Reflect on what you think the following ethical theories would tell you to do in this situation. Write at least one full paragraph for each ethical theory describing what they would recommend and why.

Kantian/Deontological Ethics
Aristotelian Virtue Ethics

  1. Explain what you would actually do, and why (you need not fall in line with one of the ethical theories—your decision is your own, but you must offer an argument in defense of the decision you make).

Sample Solution

Correspondence of E.coli Outbreak in the Community Development of the event of E. coli in the network As a human administrations director in the event of disease, I will take every single essential measure to speak with youngsters, guardians and clinical staff in an ideal and powerful manner take. My first concern is to disengage maladies however much as could be expected and to permit those effectively tainted to get the treatment they need (Graham-Clay, 2005). On the off chance that illnesses, for example, Escherichia coli happen in a neighborhood secondary school, we will promptly illuminate the clinical staff. Escherichia coli contaminations from food cause genuine disease, which can prompt genuine ailment and here and there death. Since treatment is constrained, avoidance by overseeing food handling is imperative to control the event of these infections. In any case, E. coli is profoundly flexible, versatile, can convey and move DNA, makes new strains and is impervious to current preparing and control strategies. Further exploration is required around there before unlimited oversight is gotten. Intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli is a perceived ailment because of the event of a financially accessible inexpensive food burger. Manifestations of bacterial disease by E. coli incorporate serious loose bowels, generally blood, stomach agony and spewing. Kids younger than 4 are bound to build up this ailment. Related nourishments incorporate uncooked meat, unsterilized milk, juice. Sullied water can be brought about by fecal tainting of individuals who have pathogens. Indeed, even disinfectants utilized in certain items will most likely be unable to adequately wreck pathogens. Consequently, it is suggested that individuals with handicaps in the safe framework and other high-hazard bunches abstain from eating sprouts. Chloride-rewarded sprouts are still connected with the advancement of E. coli and Salmonella (Taormina and Beuchat 1999). Treatment incorporates steady consideration and checking of renal capacity (CDC, 2001). By and large, antibodies are contraindicated. The final product of kidney disappointment might be demise MRSA disease was initially restricted to emergency clinics and unique nursing home, particularly individuals who are frail in the resistant framework. Since the 1980s, network type cases and pandemics have likewise been accounted for. The cases got in the network are cases not identified with hospitalization or dialysis, medical procedure or catheterization in the previous year. These diseases for the most part happen in other solid individuals and are probably going to be constrained to skin contaminations. Notwithstanding, over the previous decade, the expanded pathogenicity of MRSA microscopic organisms has brought about progressively genuine, now and then lethal network diseases. As of late, MRSA has been found in eatable creatures, and a few episodes are “food prompted” or foodborne. In one such episode, tainted individuals created run of the mill side effects of foodborne infections, for example, heaving and stomach cramps.>

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