We can work on Ethical dilemmas in supporting children or adults

When working with children or adults, it is important to make sure that we remain professional. Often times when supporting children or adults, we will face ethical dilemmas. For example, sometimes you will know that a child is in need of services; however, because of the state and federal legislation you must follow, you will have to go with what is mandated. In this discussion you will have the opportunity to practice how you would handle an ethical dilemma based on a case study.

Read Chapter 8: Students With Intellectual Disabilities.
Read Chapter 9: Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Choose one of the case studies from the Ethical Dilemmas in Inclusive Environments Case Studies interactive. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
In your post,

Put the name of the child/adult in the case study in the subject line of your post.
Describe how you would create an inclusive and supportive environment based on the needs of the individual in your chosen case study.
Explain at least one ethical dilemma that you may encounter as you work to create an inclusive environment for the individual in your chosen case study.
Propose a solution to the potential ethical dilemma you explained in the previous bullet. Support your proposal with Special Education Professional Ethical Principles (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
Discuss how you would share your solution with others in order to become a leader in developing inclusive settings.

Sample Solution

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