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For this paper you will need to choose one of the policy areas (wage equality, education, healthcare, immigration etc.) and compare the United States with another country. The paper will want to address the following:1. Policy Problem and Background – What is the problem you chose to investigate? How is the problem defined in the U.S.? How is it defined in the country you chose? Is there a difference in how the problems are defined?2. Solution – How has each country worked to solve the problem? What specific policies have been put in place? 3. Analysis – has the solution worked to address the initial problem? If not, why? Could something more be done? Is this a problem that may not have a policy solution?The paper should be 2 1/2 pages in length, typed, single spaced, including any graphs or tables. Must use appropriate headings (e.g., Policy Problem, Solution, Analysis, etc.) to demarcate different sections of the paper. All sources should be cited using the APSA style guidelines, (https://www.apsanet.org/Portals/54/APSA%20Files/publications/APSAStyleManual2006.pdf).* below i have attatched some example resources if youd like, no plagiarism, to use as much knowledge as possible, not over using sources in the paper

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