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In your own words, summarize the topic being discussed in your Oceanographic current news event. Please submit a .docx file. In the GEA assignment, you will have to list a global effect of increased atmospheric CO2 concentration. This article discuss one global effect please make sure you include this in your GEA assignment.

Please include:

1.What sub-field of Oceanography would this topic fall under? The sub-fields of Oceanography are Physical, Chemical, Geological, and Biological. Please bold your selection in your paragraph

2. Why did this event/topic make the news? Is this a global problem?

3. What are two interesting concepts you learned from the article?

4. Please note the current concentration of carbon dioxide in ppm from the graph in 2018 and this current year. You will have to google the concentration of atmospheric CO2 of the most recent year (last year).

Once you are finished, you should have written a robust paragraph (6-15 sentences).

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