We can work on Environmental and community factors could potentially influence HCAHPS scores:

cultural dynamics

Bigger hospital cultural competency may perhapsperk upgeneral patient experiences. Perhaps, it may mainly benefit minorities in their contacts with healthcare providers. This kind of effort may perhaps serve longstanding goals of lessening racial or ethnic differences in in-patient knowledge, and also contribute to overall quality development (Smith,Saunders, Stuckhardt, McGinnis& Institute of Medicine (U.S.), 2013).

educational dynamics

Even though there is a statistically momentouschangebetween hospital ratings by major and minor teaching and non-teaching hospitals, this difference seems to lose practical meaningwith regard to other variables. For example, doctor and nurse patient communication, generalpatient health, race, pain control, and linguistic (Smith, Saunders, Stuckhardt, McGinnis & Institute of Medicine (U.S.), 2013). However, patient knowledge on a given procedure or treatment enhance patient satisfaction. Therefore, patient education on a given service given remains significant.

socioeconomic dynamics

Tackling the social class differences remains vital to a racial disparities examination in healthcare.This has a great impact on the HCAHPS scores where low socioeconomic status forms a significantdeterminant of access to healthcare. Low socio-economic status has possiblyfatalsignificances for numerous reasons: its relations with other health determinantstatus, its health insurance association or…….

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