We can work on Employment discrimination in violation of the Rehabilitation Act.

Dr. Fleming, an anesthesiologist. suffers from sickle cell anemia. He applied for a position as an anesthesiologist at the Yuma Regional Medical Center, but it refused to allow him to practice because of his disease. Fleming sued Yuma for employment discrimination in violation of the Rehabilitation Act. The district court held for Yuma, noting that Fleming was an independent contractor. Fleming appealed. Do you think he should have a cause of action? *Feel free to personalize your view

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The possibility that society was stratified and occupied by various classes of individuals goes back to the prospect of Karl Marx. Marx saw industrialist society as exploitative and harsh. Marx kept up that the contentions between the individuals who rule and the individuals who are ruled, would in the end lead to changes in the financial arrangement of a general public (Marsh, I et al.2000). As per Marx the fault for class abuse does not lie with individual business people but rather is natural in entrepreneur frameworks . Strife and pressure are likewise obvious in industrialist frameworks. These are particularly obvious between various gatherings of breadwinners and between the decision classes these would escalate because of various advancements, to be specific polarization, homogenisation, and pauperisation (Marsh, I et al.2000). Polarization, Marx accepted, would happen because of expanding pressure and threatening vibe between the decision class and the common laborers, inside the gatherings people would turn out to be progressively similar to one another subsequent in homogenisation, entrepreneurs in their craving for extension and specialists in their dependence on work in processing plants as opposed to on conventional aptitudes. The accomplishment of free enterprise implied that compensation should be held down and the hole enlarged among bosses and laborers. Along these lines specialists are made less fortunate, or become jobless and are pauperised. Marx trusted this would result in social upheaval and the setting up of another social framework (Marsh, I et al.2000). This did not occur and such pauperization, it may be contended turned into the reason for what Charles Murray (1990) has named the improvement of an underclass. This paper will assess proof to survey whether and in what ways an underclass might be said to have created in Britain amid the 1990s. It will likewise take a gander at the primary contrasts between the idea of an underclass and the idea of social rejection and why this qualification is essential. Charles Murray and the Underclass Charles Murray is an American and his hypothesis of the underclass was initially created in over yonder. He saw an expansion in savage wrongdoing, an ascent in the quantity of ill-conceived births and individuals dropping out from the work drive, it was on this premise he shaped his hypothesis of a creating underclass. He at that point endeavored to apply this hypothesis to the UK where he watched comparable wonder occurring. A portion of his perspectives prompted warmed discussions, especially as to single parents, amid the Thatcher and Major governments and under New Labor. In contrast to America, Britain is even more a welfare state, or was at the time, and he trusted that the over arrangement of welfare administrations supported welfare reliance and a diminishing want to work professionally (Murray, 1989). More prominent welfare arrangement, he contended empowered yo>

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