We can work on Empirical Social Science Research

Empirical social science research must remain value free. This position is practical and preserves the objectivity of the social sciences (Ciaffa, 1998).

Explain your understanding of the above statement using examples from your specific area of social science specialization.

Sample Solution

Blogging has been a way of empowering women and allowing them to use their interests, hobbies and skills to create a career for them and be independent. “Popular discourses about the role these platforms play in economically empowering women can be ascribed to assumptions about the merits of highly individualized, flexible employment conditions, especially for female workers aspiring to combine professional and domestic responsibilities. Although findings about the persistence of gender inequalities in digital media industries have productively challenged to be valorized through such hybrid neologisms as mom-preneur, etsy-preneur and blogger-preneur. “(Gill, 2008.) These jobs give all women huge opportunities to show who they are and what lifestyles they lead. This could be from a single mother to a student, which shows that blogging can appeal to all ages and bring new openings to all women. Therefore, by Pretty Little Thing using these women to promote their brand they are encouraging and empowering these women to carry on doing what they do and showing society that women can be independent and powerful, especially through fashion. Overall, social media has allowed brands like Pretty Little Thing to develop and make the brand exactly what they wanted it to be. Social media has also given high-street brands a opportunity to open up the fashion industry to a different kind of person. This person is a realistic perception of your everyday girl no matter what your views, sexuality or body type. Furthermore, bloggers and social media influencers have shown a whole new side to the brand as they allow the brand to capture the wants and>

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