We can work on Emergency Operation Plan: Taking Control of the Situation                                        

 Crisis Management Plan: Minimizing the Damage
  Evaluating Risk: Understanding what Can Go Wrong 
Discuss the challenges that incident handlers face in identifying incidents when resources have been moved to a cloud environment.” 227 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/homework-answers?page=227
“I) Find the research article on the e-learning indie the folder “”Assignment 3″”, topic 3.
II) Find and read at least 2 and maximum 5 other literature sources on the topic of your article that would allow you to evaluate its credibility.
III) Write a report containing approximately the wordcount indicated below (you can write more, but not less than total 1000 – 1500 words,), with a grade weighted per section accordingly:
A) Research topic (5%, 50+ words)
B) Comparison and contrasting of your research findings with current practices in hospitality business that you know from your own experience and/or other 2 literature sources you have read on your research article topic (25%, 250+ words)
C) Assess the research credibility of your research article:

  1. Describe the selected research strategy by giving its name and definition (10%, 100+ words).
  2. Discuss how efficient is this research strategy for answering the research question asked in the article? State if you believe the researchers found an answer to the question they wanted to address and not something different. (10%, 100+ words)
  3. Evaluate credibility of these research findings, using the 4 criteria of credibility and possibly referring to your 2 other literature sources or your own industry experience. Provide an overall conclusion, whether hospitality managers could use the findings of research described in your article to make decisions about business innovation (50%, 500+ words).

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“Use of a narrative framework made specific to interior design can assist the designer in making wise concrete decisions about complex and abstract phenomena” (Ganoe,1999). The new standard provides a deeper understanding of the customer’s preference for the design style so that it can better design a place space for the user. For example, the color design of kindergartens, designers have used children’s understanding and perception of color to achieve children’s judgment and understanding of things, to achieve the goal of education, to promote the individualized development of children, to grow in the subtle. Lastly, for architectural design, designers can creatively apply architectural science and technology to maximize environmental synergies. An effective program means that some design ideas are reducing this consumption and emissions in this way. The author mentioned that human ecological design proactively interfaces people with environments by constructing a built environment. By implementing, the human experience is within the space and place. The details that obtain meaning from the whole, human ecological design establishes new spaces, their sense of place and their environmental interfaces. According to the theory of Human Ecological Design, the design and construction of the buildings we live, work and rebuild, profoundly affect human experience, health, well-being and the environment steady (Caplan, 2016). By considering human needs and sustainable design concepts, this approach can better play the role and purpose of architecture for human design. The architectural theory of sustainable technology connects the relationship between people and the relationship between architecture and the natural environment. When integrated with the design process, these factors can positively impact the design’s results. In conclusion, the theory and direction of interior space design are based on human needs and the importance of perception and cognition of space and place design. In order to obtain more profound theoretical research results and better design projects, designers still need further research and practice to get an accurate basis; however, as seen in the experience presented thesis, designers have a go>

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