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1Phys 1005, Lab 11: Electrical Measurements Virtual labPlease read the experiment in your lab manual,  and then follow the procedure here.Purpose:1. Measure maximumvoltage,maximum current and power for an individual lamp connected to an AC voltage source.2. Measure maximumvoltage, maximumcurrent and power for 2 lamps connected in parallel to an AC voltage source.3. Measure maximumvoltage, maximumcurrent and power for twolamps connectedin series to an AC voltage source.Running the experiment1) Open www.falstad.com/circuit2) Click Run/Stop to stop the default simulation.3) Click Circuits in the top menu and select Blank Circuit (the last item). Now you are ready to build your circuit.Part 1, Individual Lamp.4) Click Draw in the top menu. Click Inputs and sources, and select Add A/C Voltage source (2 terminals). Place it by clicking then dragging the mouse. Move the mouse on it till its color becomes light blue, then right click and edit it. Adjust the Max Voltage to 156 (it already knows the unit is volts, so do not write the unit). Adjust the frequency to 60. Click Apply and then OK.5)Click Draw and click passive components, and select Add Switch. Now place it in the position as shown in fig. 1, by dragging the mouse.6) Click draw and Click Outputs and labels and select Add Ammeter. Insert it after the switch as shown in fig. 2.Bring the mouse over it and right click it and select view in scope.7) ClickDraw and click Outputs and labels, and select Add Lamp. Drag the mouse to insert the lamp after the Ammeter as shown in fig. 3.8) Right click the lamp and edit its power to 40 (it already knows that the unit is W: Watts).

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