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To assist with understanding writing assignment two, it may be advantageous to look at this assignment “in chunks” for better understanding. The information is as follows:

1) This assessment (diagnostic) should contain questions addressing ALL (all means all) of the prerequisites you identified on your unwrapping document.

Note: You will want to understand what is a prerequisite skill and how this skill relates to the diagnostic assessment. I suggest including 4-5 questions for each prerequisite skill. For instance, if there are four prerequisite skills with five questions for each skill, you should have a 20-item assessment.

2) Include instructions for scoring.

Note: Include detailed scoring criteria for the diagnostic assessment.

3) Include a plan for how you will integrate the results of this plan into your instructional lessons within the unit.

4) Be sure to include a variety of question typesand enough questions per prerequisite to ensure your students have mastery of the skill.

Finally, I would like to call your attention to the rubric for the final project (see Appendix.) Please refer to the section of the rubric that refers to the diagnostic assessment. To score “Advanced,” the criterion states:

Assessment is based on unwrapping the standards documents, valid, fully formatted for students, includes detailed scoring criteria, and includes an explanation of how the results will be used. (70 points.)

Attached you will find the breaking down of the standard RI. 4.8 (which I will be teaching) but the diagnostic test is center around the prerequisite skill which is RI. 3.8

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