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What year was Common Sense published and who was the author?2. Why was financing the American Revolution difficult for the American side?3. As the commander of the Continental Army, how was George Washington viewed by the Patriots?4. What was the significance of the Battle of Bunker Hill?5. Who were the Hessians?6. During the American Revolution, what stand did the Iroquois Confederacy take?7. During the American Revolution, whose side did the French take? Why?8. Who were the Loyalists during the American Revolution?9. Which treaty ended the American Revolution? 10. What did the British Army try to do to the African American slaves during the American Revolution? Why?11. Whose side did most of the Native American tribes take during the American Revolution? Why?12. What effect did the American Revolution have on the status of women?13. Under English common law, what restrictions were put on a married woman?14. Under the Articles of the Confederation what powers did the government have?15. What did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 accomplish?16. What was the Daniel Shays rebellion about?

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Presentation The 1972 film ‘The Godfather’ is an American film dependent on a 1969 novel ‘the Godfather’ composed by Mario Puzo. The movie was coordinated by Francis Coppola and created by Albert Ruddy. It begins Al Pacion and Marlon Brando, the heads of a persuasive and incredible Italian wrongdoing family situated in New York around the 1940s and 1950s (Schumacher 11). The story rotates around the life of Michael Corleone (Pacino) as he changes from a modest Italian worker to a ground-breaking and merciless mafia chief (Barsam and Monahan 31). It additionally rotates around his Corleone family, particularly their patriarch chief, Vito Corleone (Brando), and Sonny, the oldest and unruly child. This paper will investigate the film from Sonny’s viewpoints on public activity, business, and wrongdoing as he endeavors to find a way into the American culture of the 1950s. Examination of Sonny and his view on life and society Sonny, whose genuine names are Santino Corleone, is the oldest child of Don Corleone, a merciless New York City Mafia and his better half, Carmela Corleone. He has three kin, Fredo, Michael and Connie, and an embraced sibling, Tom Hagen. In this film, Sonny is depicted as the most merciless and savage individual from the mafia family, whose primary jobs spin around his dad’s illicit professional interactions. For example, at a youthful age of 16, Sonny is engaged with a theft inside the city yet doesn’t uncover it to his family. The dad just takes in of the wrongdoing from Clemenza, a more seasoned Italian worker, who is portrayed as Sonny’s good example and adoptive parent. The dad’s cross examination to discover why the little youngster acts in such a way at a youthful age uncovers a few issues. The watcher can discover that the little youngster is on the way toward adjusting to a criminal’s life and is set up to lead this life. For example, Sonny gladly tells his dad that he acted in such a manner since he once observed Vito slaughter Don Fanucci. He at that point continues to tell his dad that he is sufficiently developed and prepared to assume control over the privately-owned company, which he knows very well that it is a hazardous and unsafe type of business (Dauth 17). Likewise, he tells his dad than he is prepared to sell “olive oil”, which tells the watcher that the little fellow definitely knows the coded language that his dad and different gatherings to the criminal business use. The dad quickly discovers that Sonny has grown up and is eager to connect with himself in the unlawful business, inciting him to send the kid to Clemenza for additional preparation. From his viewpoint, we understand that the illicit business isn’t just including, yet in addition needs sufficient preparing to guarantee that an individual leaves well enough alone and is knowledgeable about figuring out medications (Phillips 56). Likewise, we understand that the business has tutors who offer exercises to the new contestants like Sonny. Also, we understand that there are explicit titles in the business, which are given to people who dominate in unlawful dealings. For example, Sonny ascends through the positions at 19 years old after he “makes his bone”, moving from a student to a “capo” in his dad’s business (Barsam and Monahan 29). Indeed, when World War II closes, the kid has ascended to turn into the dad’s trustee and underboss. Moreover, Sonny is the evident beneficiary. By dissecting his initial encounters, we understand that his points of view on life and cash depend on his dad’s job. For example, by saying that he included himself in a theft since his dad was additionally a criminal tells the watcher that the kid sees life from his family’s qualities and practices. The kid needs to duplicate his dad or test his capacities in wrongdoing. Also, the peruser can understand a few things with respect to wrongdoing and family life from Sonny’s perspective. For example, the peruser understands that lawbreakers, particularly the medication Mafia in New York during and after the universal war, were exceptionally defensive of their families, notwithstanding being savage executioners. Sonny is a genuine case of such an individual. While he is prepared to murder his adversaries in business and the roads, he is exceptionally defensive of his relatives. He has a cozy relationship with his more youthful sibling Michael and sister Connie. The film endeavors to depict how Sonny cherishes his sister, Connie, to the degree of executing Connies’ significant other on charges that he is abusing her. This shows the hard life that drug crooks and their families lead. Get your 100% unique paper on any subject done in as meager as 3 hours Find out More They are consistently defensive of their families, however unrefined with regards to managing others, particularly business rivals. Utilizing Sonny’s perspective on life, the watcher can decide social difficulties and wrongdoing in a superior manner. One feels for individuals like Sonny and Vitro in light of the fact that life makes them hard, however exceptionally delicate when managing their families. Since they are difficult for their adversaries and business partners, they know that their families are under the danger of disposal by both their opponents and the specialists. In this manner, Sonny has an antagonistic impression of the vast majority outside his family. This recognition clarifies why he murders Connie’s significant other as opposed to figuring out the issue in a superior manner. It is additionally certain that the crooks regularly undermine their spouses, notwithstanding ensuring and giving them a commendable life. It is clear that these mafia chiefs, regardless of being solidified lawbreakers who can pull the trigger at any second, are delicate on ladies and kids. For example, Sonny frequently undermines his better half, Sandra, with numerous ladies, including Connie’s bridesmaid Lucy Mancini. Notwithstanding, the watcher feels for Sonny in light of the fact that being delicate on ladies and having the additional measures of money appears to uncover the mafia chiefs to numerous ladies. The peruser likewise observes the effect of criminal life and avarice for cash on relatives from Sonny’s perspective. Sonny is depicted as a cash hungry person who acts prior to deduction, particularly if an arrangement is by all accounts bravo. For instance, when Virgil Sollozo is supported by the feared Tattaglia Family to bait Vito into an opiate bargain, Sonny neglects to see the peril associated with the arrangement. His dad understands that this is only a stunt intended to dispose of his family and give the Tattaglias some predominance in the medication exchange. Nonetheless, Sonny is eager to acknowledge the proposal because of his silly method of getting things done. At the point when the dad constrains him to dismiss the arrangement, Sollozo understands that the best way to drive him to acknowledge the offer is to kill Vito. This further shows how gangsters are emphatically connected to their families and can successfully furnish them with security. End Sonny’s powerlessness to see things from an expert way is maybe because of his youth presentation to viciousness. It is additionally the reason for his passing in light of the fact that as the battle between the two families heightens, Sonny is just ready to arrange continuous attacks on Tattaglias, however this yields nothing instead of presenting him to more perils. It is likewise the reason for his demise after Vincent sets him up.>

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