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Pressure ulcers

The article by Chaboyer et al. (2016) addresses the issue of pressure ulcers in a healthcare setting. The researchers noted that hospital-acquired pressure ulcers have turned out to be a noteworthy health concern since they lead to the poor outcome of care together with prolonged hospital stay and increased healthcare costs. These factors have resulted in pressure ulcers being recognized as indicators of the quality of nursing care.

The prevalence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers varies from country to country and from hospital to hospital. Chaboyer et al. (2016) noted that the prevalence of HAPU in the United Kingdom is approximately 15%.  The prevalence in the United States is significantly lower at 4.5%.

It is unfortunate that despite pressure ulcers are preventable the prevalence is still high. The risk factors for pressure ulcers include old age, nursing home residence, immobility, decreased mobility, previous or current pressure ulcers and multiple comorbidities. The cornerstones of pressure ulcer prevention include risk assessment, appropriate skin care, proper nutrition, and support surfaces.

The application of a patient-centred bundle has been recognised as an effective way of preventing and managing pressure ulcers. The use of care bundles provides a multifaceted approach through which patient participation in care encouraged. It encourages collaboration between nurses, the patient, family members and other healthcare professionals in the care process. Evidence has revealed that the patient-centred pressure ulcers prevention care-bundle increases the active participation of the patient in prevention through making them understand more about pressure ulcers (Chaboyer et al. 2016).




Chaboyer, W., Bucknall, T., Webster, J., McInnes, E., Gillespie, B. M., Banks, M., … & Cullum, N. (2016). The effect of a patient centred care bundle intervention on pressure ulcer . incidence (INTACT): a cluster randomized trial. International journal of nursing studies, 64, 63-71. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2016.09.015





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